I have been an avid fan of historical romance novels ever since I was a highschool student (approx. 9 years ago), and a bestfriend of mine had the “mistake” of showing one to me. I have been hooked ever since. Since I love to blog, I decided to start one about the hrn (or how I shall address “historical romance novels” *so mouthful* from now on) I have read. I have also decided to start with Lisa Kleypas (yay!). If you’re not familiar with the author, The Wallflowers might ring a bell.

I will be updating this blog soon. I have to bid you adieu to resume my reading. With that said, I welcome you to my brand new blog, and goodbye.

❤ Bianca


I was wondering why I couldn’t post this before. Seems like I haven’t activated the account via email yet. Haha, silly me.


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