Kleypas, Lisa

Someone to Watch Over Me

Bow Street Runners #1


WARNING. This review contains spoilers.



Grant Morgan – he has dark hair and green eyes (just like Derek Craven!!). A very tall person. He is a runner of Bow Street. He grew up in the rookery.

Victoria Devane– she has red hair and blue eyes. She has a twin named Vivien. She grew up in the country, hence her meek and gentle nature.


Rating: ❤❤❤💙💙

I like the book, but that’s that. I just liked it. There was no fireworks for me here. I found it boring in the beginning, and slow to read. More or less, the first 50 pages were telling me that Grant hated Vivien, and that he is out for revenge. There were also very few scenes, I just felt that it all happened in a few days. Maybe that’s just me… Nonetheless, I still liked the book because I love how Grant reformed in the end because he loved Victoria.

Now for the hero and the heroine. Grant Morgan. I hated him (at first). Really, who wouldn’t? He was out for revenge against a woman. Oh I know that Vivien is a bad person, but that doesn’t justify Grants will for revenge (IMHO). Those were just rumors! Another reason I hated him was because he took Victoria’s V-card (she was willing btw) because he thought it’ll be okay because he thought she was Vivien, the experienced courtesan. Imagine his surprise to find that she bled after their lovemaking. Really Grant. My hate for him changed though, I liked him already when he changed for Victoria. He even apologized to the real Vivien for planning a revenge against her, just because Victoria asked it of him. What I find comical with his character is the love – hate relationship he had with Victoria. I haven’t seen a character so confused as he is. The hate part was removed in the end when he realized that she was not Vivien. For who could resist a woman with Vivien’s looks and the attitude of a gentle country miss. Now for Victoria Devane. I really couldn’t say much about her given the fact that she didn’t even know who she is at the most part of the book. I like the fact that even though Grant told her she’s a courtesan, deep down inside she knew it wasn’t true. She didn’t act like a courtesan because she knew it wasn’t her. She stayed true to herself. For the side characters, my favorite would have to be Ross Cannon. I am interested with his character (and that love for coffee). I believe he is the hero of the next book. I’m looking forward to read his story. For the first time, I’m going to mention a most hated character in this book. It’s Vivien. I could just slap her for letting her sister go through all that trouble for her. The fact that she’s pregnant will emit no sympathy from me. She was so bad, I still hate her. She even gave away her daughter because she couldn’t care for it (a pet peeve of mine).

Like I said before, there was a lack of scenes for me, but there is one worth mentioning. My favorite would be when Grant and Vivien gave into their feelings in the carriage ride home from the ball. Though after that is when she lost her V-card to Grant. That’s my most hated part. Haha, I know. I’m confusing too. This book really gave me mixed feelings. I’d like it one time, I’d hate it in another. Just like good ol’ confused Grant.

This book is steamy. There may be a lack of scenes, there was no lack for the lovely parts. Haha. I think I might have spared a blush while reading this.

Why did I give this book a three? Overall, I like it. It’s just that I won’t be rereading this one soon. There was quite a few faults that I cannot overlook. Like what I have said a few times, I found it lacking in scenes, like it all happened in a week (too fast paced). I just cannot explain myself well here. Haha. Just know that there was something lacking. I was hoping for more perhaps? Second would be Grant’s attitude at the beginning. I feel like kicking him, really. And last, not the least though, it bored me a little. I had to plow through some of the pages. It took me a while to finish this. But whenever Victoria and Grant are in the same scene, room, whatever, I relish it. For more reviews on this book, you can visit it’s Goodreads page.


“Because it’s not every day that a man discovers that one small, fragile, accident-prone woman is the center of his very existence.”


“I don’t want a friend. I want you. Every day and night. Every minute for the rest of my life.”

Marry me (kidding)!

“I suppose I was waiting for you.”

Ants, ants everywhere!


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