Kleypas, Lisa

Lady Sophia’s Lover

Bow Street Runners #2

WARNING. This review contains spoilers.



Ross Cannon – dark hair and grey eyes. He’s the chief magistrate of the Bow Street Runners. He’s a workaholic, has this addiction with coffee, and has been celibate since his first wife died (or so we thought).

Sophia Sydney – honey blond and blue eyes. She’s the daughter of a dead viscount. She worked for a cousin and planned to take revenge on Ross for the “death” of her brother, John.


Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

I love this book. It was full of sexual banters that I enjoyed far too much. Sometimes I find myself giggling while reading this, giggling I tell you! From start to finish, Ross and Sophia were shooting sparks. There’s also the plot twist that shocked me. Nick Gentry, the man Ross wants so much to apprehend, is Sophia’s “dead” brother. Ms. Kleypas’ charaters were very lovable in this book. I would definitely recommend this, though I wouldn’t be rereading this for a while. The book has a certain charm, but not enough to make me reread it soon. Nonetheless, I love the main characters far too much to not give this one anything less than five.

Now for the hero, Ross Cannon, the paragon of Bow Street. He was also called the monk of bow street after rumors that he had been celibate after his first wife died because of childbirth. This is the reason Ross was not overjoyed when he knew of Sophia’s pregnancy. But Ross wasn’t entirely celibate. He did admit to Sophia that he took a lover after Eleanor (first wife) died, but he couldn’t go through with it. It didn’t make me change his opinion about him though, I still like him. He’s also sort of a protector of women and children. Now who wouldn’t adore that? I like that he finally met his match in Sophia. Poor man, he’s been working himself to the bone. He badly needed someone to take care of him. Sophia Sydney is the heroine of the book. I didn’t like her at first, such a contradicting character. She’s set on having revenge at Ross, and the next she’s trying to contain her feelings for him. There was one point I thought she has given it all up, then I read further only to find she’s back at her revenge plan again. I also didn’t like that she lied to Ross because her brother was blackmailing her. There were warning bells all over my mind when I was reading that part, I knew it wasn’t going to turn out well. But I liked her when I realized she was good for Ross, and that she can’t help loving him. It turned out the he was the exact opposite of what she was expecting him to be. I love the chemistry between the hero and heroine, it’s the reason I gave this book a five. Like I said, the book is raining sexual banters that CANNOT be ignored, no siree. My favorite side character for this book would be John Sydney, a.k.a. Nick Gentry. I am very much excited to read the next book, which will be about him. Though I did hate that he blackmailed Sophia, I just feel that he ain’t bad all throughout (just like what Sophia had claimed, making Ross give Nick a second chance at life).

One scene I liked is when Sophia was caring for Ross. I think I’m blushing just remembering it. Let’s just say she didn’t end up nursing him. The next scene I liked was when Sophia was planning the party for Ross’ mother and the party itself. I loved all the parts where Ross and Sophia are together, just love it! All those suppressed desires leaking from the both of them (one was celibate for a very long time and the other one is torn between revenge and love) proved to be their undoing.

One thing I’ve noticed with Ms. Kleypas’ writing is that it’s never lacking in sex scenes. This book would not disappoint if you were out for the racy read, or if you wouldn’t mind sparing a blush or two (or five). It also features a self-love scene, the art of pleasuring one’s self. It was when Sophia woke up from a wet dream (it’s never good to store all those pent up emotions and desires).

I love this book enough to overshadow any faults I have noticed (if there is one). Go to it’s Goodreads page to read other reviews of this awesome book.


“I would follow you anywhere.”

“I am more in your power, Ross, than you could ever be in mine. I love you.”

-Sophia Sydney

“I didn’t do it for him. I did it for you.”

“Because, my love… I was waiting for you.”

-Ross Cannon


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