Enoch, Suzanne

Lady Rogue

WARNING. This review contains spoilers.


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Alexander Cale – Viscount of Everton. Involved in Prince George’s team to defeat Napoleon. Described as having dark hair and blue (azure) eyes.

Christine Brantley – illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Furth. Grew up in Stewart Brantley’s care and always dressed as a boy. Described as having short blond hair and green eyes.


Rating: ❤❤❤❤💙

This is the first book I have read from Ms. Suzanne Enoch, and I must say that it’s a good start. I’m looking forward to her other books, if they’re as good as this one. This is also the first book I’ve read that involves Napoleon and the French Revolution, so expect espionage and action scenes. Although I’m not a big fan of the two, I did find myself enjoying the book. It was a slow start, but I unexpectedly breezed through the middle until the end. I also got confused with the names (too many characters!) that at one point I went back a few pages just to check the their names and description (I do like to visualize the characters in my head). Also, all that “government appointment” talk got me confused. I told you, not a fan of espionage or anything related to that. I was rereading some paragraphs just to get a clear idea what the characters were talking about. So why give it a 4/5 if I wasn’t a fan of the general theme of the book? Because all in all, I really did enjoy reading the book, despite all the confusion on names and government talk. There were times I was having butterflies, giggling, and hugging my blanket because I cannot contain myself. And all the twists of this book (there are quite a few) will leave you turning pages immediately!

Alex Cale is the Viscount of Everton, and of course, handsome as hell. I like his character because he’s such a blackguard (lol) and a hero at the same time. He’s been lusting after Kit at the beginning of the story. Well it’s a good thing he found out Kit’s gender immediately. He was willing to leave England just to be with Kit. This is kind of normal for besotted fools, but we have to take consideration that France was not the best place for Englishmen to live at that time. Yet, he was willing to live there just to be with Kit. If I were Kit, I’d be hauling my ass back to England. Kit Brantley’s character is a very interesting one. Although I do not support their line of business (whatever they smuggle, be it vegetables or firearms), I cannot help but admire Kit. All those years of sacrifice when she should’ve been ensconced in the Duke of Furth’s protection and wealth, it was all worth it. She managed to land an earl as a husband. If it weren’t for that blasted Stewart, she would’ve grown into a proper lady. All through out the book, I was itching to read Kit in a gown. I hated her in breeches. So when the scene of the masquerade was up, I was so excited! And it was worth the wait. One thing I didn’t like about Kit is when she refused Alex the protection he was offering (marriage). I know she’s a brave woman, but sometimes practicality must prevail. I love the chemistry between the hero and the heroine. I love their suggestive and sexual banters (this made me lol so much) spread all throughout the book. They both wanted each other ever since the beginning. The best side character(s) would have to go to the Downings. Imagine, Gerald is the next in line to the earldom. I would’ve expected hostility from them towards Alex. But no. They’ve been most kind, treating Alex as one would treat a sibling. They have extended this kindness to Kit. My most hated character would have to go to Stewart Brantley. If he knew that Kit wasn’t his, he should’ve just left her to the duke instead of selfishly taking her because he wanted to preserve a part of his dead wife. He subjected to Kit to the hardships of life.

One of my favorite scenes would be when they played cards with consequences. The loser gets to drink brandy and answer a question from the winner. This wasn’t a sweet scene at all, they were trying to uncover each other’s secrets here actually. Anyways, I found this scene sensual and made it to my favorite scenes. Another would be when they made a pretend picnic because they couldn’t go outside because of the rain. This quickly failed because they fought again, but the effort Alex made for Kit was so sweet. And lastly (this one I forgot to note in my book), is when Kit went to the masquerade ball, gown and all. Like I said, I have been itching to read her in a gown. It was worth reading every moment.

I find the book’s sensuality a little tame, compared to the other books I have read. Alex and Kit made love in the book about 3 times. The rest were kisses here and there, because of all that pent up sexual emotions. But I am not belittling anything though, even their kissing scenes were enough to make me feel heated.

Overall, this is a good book to read if you’re a fan of espionage, action, and romance novels. I may not like the first two but that spark between Alex and Kit saved it for me. The only flaw that I have noticed is the character of Stewart Brantley. He should’ve went to Newgate for that. Now on to the next one! It will be Stolen Kisses, the other stand alone from Ms. Enoch.


“Because I want you to myself”

It was as if his heart had somehow grasped how desperately unhappy and lonely he would be in a lifetime without her.

“I’m tired of playing games, Christine. I love you, and I want to be with you. But not because of some obligation, or some lie. Is that clear?”

“You made me see how very lonely I was before you came into my life. I don’t ever want to be that way again. I don’t ever want to be without you. Je t’aime, ma chère ,”

“I want to see you in gowns and curls, and in those damned uncomfortable pointy-toed shoes. I want to see you at Everton. I want you to teach me how you cheat at hazard. I want you to insult me in French. I want to see your smile and your eyes in my children’s faces.” His expression became more serious. “And I don’t ever want you to leave me again.”


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