Enoch, Suzanne

Stolen Kisses

WARNING. This review contains spoilers.

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Jonathan Faraday – Earl of Dansbury, former spy to Wellington. He has dark hair and dark eyes. Branded as a killer.

Lilith Benton – daughter of the Viscount of Hamble. She has black hair and green eyes. She strives to be respectable.


Rating: ❤❤❤💙💙

This book is a roller coaster ride. Up, down, up, and down it went. The beginning was a slow read, took me days to finish a hundred pages. I can’t summon the will to sit down and go through with it. Then, the middle part got so interesting that I finished the book in  a few hours just this morning. I’m actually rushing this review so I can start on the next one.

On reading the first hundred pages or so, I was so intent on giving it a three, or lesser (I’m being lenient with the three), then I got in the middle, I said I was giving it a four. Then the ending came up, and I said, yup, it’s a three! You see, I’m a big sucker for happy endings. I love a good epilogue, or at least a nice ending perhaps. Don’t get me wrong, this is a happily ever after book, I just found it lacking. I was like, that’s all I’m getting?! I would’ve liked to read about Lil’s wedding, and how was life with Jack. Did he truly reform into a somewhat gentleman, or was he back to his playful attitude with Lil?


This is the first time I have encountered a book where I did not initially like both the hero and heroine. I’d like to throw something at them actually. Both are with flaws, but both of them redeemed themselves at the end. Jack Faraday is your typical hero, the one with a dark past and a formidable rake. I hated him at the beginning. Like seriously, why would he take revenge on a girl (a schoolroom chit was his words for Lil) because she turned him down, and involve some other people too in the process? Pretty shallow if you ask me. Then I got confused with him in the middle, because he can’t make up his mind whether to pursue the revenge plan or he just wanted to be nice for Lil. Then at the end, he took a full u-turn. He became noble, all because of his love for Lil. That was his saving grace for me. In the end, I eventually liked Jack. In the first place, he was just misunderstood. The ton labeled him a murderer, when in fact there was a whole story in it. Now for Lilith “Lil” Benton. I also hated her at the beginning. After all Jack has gone through to salvage her reputation, a little gratitude may go a long way. Even her brother hinted for her to feel some gratefulness. I know she was going for a respectable look, but girl, it can’t hurt to be nice to someone who lent you a hand, especially when you could’ve hanged for it. I also don’t like how she’s been cowering under her father. Good heavens, that was hardly fair for her, or anybody for that matter. She didn’t deserve all the pressure her family has put her through. But I wished she had some spine, where her father’s concerned. So what’s her saving grace for me? It’s when she started to loosen up to Jack and eventually, falling for him. Like I said earlier, I didn’t like Jack and Lil at first, but their chemistry is so good, I just feel they really belong together. If there were human counterparts of these characters, I’d like for them to be together. My most beloved side character for this book would be Penelope. What an awesome bff. She was there for Lil when she needs to do something improper, and when she walked out of her home. For the most hated character, *drum rolls* no, it’s not the DukeS of Wenford (that’s not a typo, both the late duke and his heir presumptive are complete monsters but there’s a greater villain here), but it’s Lilith’s father, the Viscount of Hamble. I have no words for fathers like him (quite similar to Kit Brantley’s father from Lady Rogue). Just kidding, of course I have a lot to say, but that would take up so much of my time so I’d settle with this GIF:


I have three favorite scenes from the book. The first would be when Peese suspected Lil (she was sneaking a letter to Jack) of something nasty and took her in the house. Lol. That was a winner, some spies don’t lose their touch. At least Jack knew he couldn’t go wrong with Peese. Second would be when Jack and Lil exchanged kisses for questions. Lil asks the questions, Jack kisses. This scene had me like:

The third one would be when Lil stood up to her father. That was so long overdue. I’m so happy that Ms. Enoch put a scene like that. I’m so furious mad with her father, what a selfish oaf!


This book, when it comes to the steamy scenes, is pretty mild. This could be recommended for beginners to the genre. They had three love scenes in total, or was it two? Three, I just checked. All mild, compared to some books I’ve read of the same genre. But still, it was sweet and adorable.


So I’m at the end of my review. The pros of this book would be the nice chemistry between the hero and heroine, all their stolen kisses *wink*, and that it’s a nice read. The cons would be that it’s a slow read at the beginning. And Ms. Enoch seems to have managed to confuse me again with names. I have never been good with remembering names. You should brace yourself with numerous characters.


“‘Jonathan Auguste Faraday, the Marquis of Dansbury, is dead. Thank God.’”

HAHAHA. What wit.

“And yes, I would rather see Dansbury gone than break my word to Miss Benton.”



A/N: GIFs courtesy of Wiffle and Giphy.


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